Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paint Pots...

OMG! So can we say new love!!?? Seriously, if you liked MAC's eye paints that comes in the tubes, then you'll LOVE the new paint pots! I bought five of them so far but I'm bound to go back for a couple more colors. The paint pots have a creamier feel to them than the tubes, and go on so smoothly! You can use your fingers or brushes to apply them to your eyes. The color payback is awesome by themselves, and the color intensity that they add to eyeshadows and pigments is amazing!! They're longlasting, don't smudge or budge, and best of all , they don't crease!

Here are the ones I got with a swatch in sunlight. Enjoy!

Top row (l-r): Rubenesque, Delft and Greenstroke.
Bottom row (l-r): Artifact and Indianwood two are Rubenesque and Deflt. The middle one is Greenstroke and the bottom two are Artifact and Indianwood.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In 3D!!!

Can we say a great start to the day or what?! So I wake up this morning, brush my teeth, let the dog out, and put some pants on, when my door bell rings! And who is it other than my wonderful UPS man coming to bring me gifts from MAC! I don't think he realizes how excited I get to see him, lol. I figured I would share this wonderous occasion with all of you.

Here's a pic of the In 3D glasses.

From left to right: Wondershine, Backlit, Touchpoint, Optical, Racy, Algorithm, Lightswitch, Apex, Switched Up, Energy, In 3D, and Boundless.

I haven't had a chance to try all of them out yet, but from the couple that I tested on my lips, they have a silky feeling to them. If you have any of the Lustreglasses or the lipglasses, I would say that the 3D glasses are actually inbetween the two. Lipglasses tend to feel thick for me and lustreglass feels soft and slippery. Combine the two together and you have the feeling of the 3D glasses. I went ahead and swatched the colors on the back of my hand and on the back of my wrist. Keep in mind that my foundation color is NC 35. I also tried to take pictures of the back of my hand at different angles so you all could see the sparkles and glitter.

In direct sunlight...

Not in direct sunlight (indoor light, near window)

Here's the swatches from the back of my wrist (which is lighter than the back of my hand, but I'm not sure by how much).

In direct sunlight...

Not in direct sunlight (indoor lighting, near window)...