Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hairstylist Phobia??

If you're like me, you are petrified of going to see someone to do your hair. Up until November of 2006, only three people had ever cut my hair, and two of which only trimmed my ends. Those three people were my mom, a friend of mine in Hawaii, and myself. I was the only one who ever did the massive cutting. I have this phobia about going to see a stylist and having my hair butchered or mutilated into something I didn't want. When I was younger, my mom would go to a stylist and come home unhappy because her hair was styled and cut wrong. She soon began cutting her own hair and then putting me to work with trimming the areas she couldn't see as well (she has really short hair). Well, I learned this from my mom and soon began cutting (and dying) my own hair.
Then highlights became a big thing but I didn't want to do highlights on myself. One, because I didn't know how, and two, because, well, I didn't know how. Anyhoo, while living in Tennessee, I went with a friend to her hair appointment and fell in love with the stylist. She is the only person other than myself, my friend, and my mom, to run a pair of scissors and some dye through my hair. Unfortunately, because my husband is in the military, I've had a relapse in my phobia and I am now back to cutting and dying my own hair, unless I happen to be out in Tennessee for a visit.
Now that I've written a novel, let me get on with why I originally posted this. If you have a hairtsylist phobia like I do, Pursebuzz has put up a two-part video with great tips on finding the right stylist for you! Have a look see at her helpful advice and be sure to remember those tips the next time you're out and about looking for a stlist!

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