Thursday, January 31, 2008

MAC Announces 2008 Spring/Summer Trends

I'm not usually a big follower of clothing fashion, but I love reading about the new trends in makeup...especially when it's something out of the box, that's not your average everyday look. In this year's Spring & Summer Trends report, MAC is bringing together color and texture, combined through artistry and inspired by backstage (not my's what MAC sent me in the email, lol). They have a bunch more look predictions and tips on the site, but here'a few of the looks and tips that caught my eye. I don't see me wearing some of them just for poopies and giggles (sorry, this is a G-rated blog), but I thought they looked pretty cool!

While I don't see myself walking out of the house with a huge white spot under my eye, I thought the dewey affect that was created was rather neat!

I'm always a sucker for red, red lips! :D

I really don't know why I'm attracted to this look, but for some reason it draws me in like a moth to a flame.

My favorite of them all!! Just look at the picture! Enough said. This look just kicks ass (ok, it's a PG-blog)!! I'd soooo wear this out and about! The effect is effin' awesome!!

Not really sure what attracts me to this look either, but who wouldn't want a platinum eyelid?! :D

I love the subtle smokiness of this look. It adds mystery and intrigue as a touch of light brushes against the dark side! Mwuuuahahahahahahaaaa.

This look just brought me back to middle school with the chola look...but reversed. Love it! :D

I'm a sucker for iridescent lips that aren't your everyday color too. :P :)

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