Friday, January 25, 2008

Major Drugstore Store Haulage

WARNING!! Not for the faint of heart.

So I got my loan money this week and after paying some bills, I had more money left over than I expected. Naturally, rather than put it into savings, I spent it. I honestly didn't mean to spend it...honest!!

But yesterday, when my friend needed to stop at CVS on the way home from the mall to pick up her prescription, I decided I'd get a couple of the L'oréal HIP prodcuts to try (finally). Well, I wasn't expecting CVS to be having a BOGO Free sale with your CVS card...especially on a lot of the HIP items. Needless to say, my "Oh my!! Two for the price of one means I can buy MOOOORRREE!" mentality kicked in and here's what I got. Swatches coming soon!

  • L'ORÉAL H.I.P. Shocking Shadow Pigments
    • 1ST ROW: Fiery, Tenacious, Rebel, Striving, Intrepid, Beckoning
    • 2ND ROW: Valiant, Visionary, Progressive, Unashamed, Restless, Exciting

BUT WAIT!! There's moorrrree!!!

  • L'ORÉAL H.I.P. Bright Shadow Duo

    • 1ST ROW: Roaring, Wicked, Reckless
    • 2ND ROW: Showy, Riotous, Flamboyant
    • 3RD ROW: Forgiving, Sassy, Flashy
    • 4TH ROW: Flare

Don't go anywhere yet!! There's still more!! (I told you that mentality kicked in! My husband hates it cause even though it claims to save you money, it never really saves him or me any money cause then I just buy more. lol)

  • L'ORÉAL H.I.P. Color Truth Cream Eyeliner Teal, Midnight Blue, Eggplant, Brown

I also got some Stýli-Style Line & Seal Eyeliners since a couple of them were 50% off.

  • TOP TO BOTTOM: Jade, Forest, Green/Black, Awuamarine, Turq, Twilight, Tanzanite, Bronze, Black/Brown


yummy411 said...

woooooooooo! you totally rocked cvs! great buys though. your store didn't have the new lipglosses or paint? call and find a cvs with it now so you can get the new stuff bogo!!! =)))))))) yes i'm an enabler. can't wait to see fotds!

Kuuipo1207 said...

Yummy411....Hello Enabler (my hubby's gonna LOOVE you, lol). They did have the new lipglosses and paints, but I wasn't sure if they were on sale or not too cause they didn't have a BOGO thingie by them....I could always drive back out and ask though... lol :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! the possibilities.. lol
great haul, cant wait for the reviews!!

Divine Blackness said...

Ohmiiiiigoodness!!! You did goooood! Everyone is on the L'OReal HIP tip right now. I'm going to CVS tomorrow to see what I can haul before the BOGO sale is over. Yay! Have a great weekend!

Kuuipo1207 said...

Britt---If you can, get the pigments! Color payoff is FAB! I haven't tested longevity of wear but I'm sold on the color. With the eyeshadows, some are great, some aren't when it comes to color payoff...and then there's some where one color is great but the other half of the duo is kinda iffy. But they're still pretty nice, and I'm pretty impressed so far. We'll see after I test it out for a week or so. :)

PixieVonAzia said...

Hi love your tutorials on Youtube, and I'm siked you actually purchased Loreal's HIP line, becuase I always see MAC in your hands =) I have almost all the Loreal HIP colors. But your 1st row Reckless looks alot like Brazen is it a Pink and Brown Duo? Neways hope you have tutorials coming soon with those brands.. Thanks!

PixieVonAzia said...

Sorry one more thing, I've never actually seen those Loreal Hip Color truth cream eyeliners..are they suppose to be like MAC's fluidline?

EmsyJay said...

Impressive haulage! I can't wait to see you use some of your new stuff in vids!

By the way, I got some of the new stuff on the BOGO sale at my CVS.

Linda said...

Hey Francine!
I love you videos! This is my first time stopping by your blogspot and I totally enjoy reading your blogs and looking at the all the different kinds of makeup you have. I had bought one of the HIP dual eyeshadow in Reckless and I have no idea what other colors I should use with it and how to put it on. Can you give me some tips? I will greatly appreciate it and keep up the wonderful work! You are truly an artist.

Anonymous said...

Kuuipo.... the paints and glosses were on sale too. :) hehehe. I got two glosses and two paints. You should have gotten one or three. *insert evil smiley here*


Linda A C said...

You're hilarious! I know this was probably posted a few years ago but it made me laughhhh. Thanks for posting the pictures of the HIP loose pigment shadows, was looking for a decent pic of all the shades and found one! I am incidentally about to go spend some of a paycheck on these shadows at cvs too! awesome post, thanks!