Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feeling a Bit Ripped Off!

Brittany, a.k.a., DivineBlackness, You are an absolute God-send! I posted a new video tutorial showing her steps to get the most out of your Urban Decay Primer Potion! I couldn't believe the amount that came out of that little tube...especially that little bottom piece! It was unbelievable!

Hopefully, with getting the word out, Urban Decay will finally realize how pissed their customers are getting at their wasteful ways and finally change their packaging for this amazing product! Maybe when sales decrease because more and more people won't need to buy it as often, they'll rethink their strategies for trying to get money out of us UDPP lovers! Ha!


yummy411 said...

great vid!!! thanks for sharing. i've read her post and a bunch of others linking to her post, but it's still amazing to read and watch! ;) thanks!

Alice said...

Hi Francine! I just wanted to say hi because I'm a new reader to your blog. I've been subscribed to your videos for a while on youtube (strawberrymousse but i don't post videos because I don't even have a recording camera with sound...the only video I have is of my aunt cussing up a storm after getting freaked out by popping a champagne bottle lol) but anywho, I am looking forward to reading your posts and watching upcoming videos! Take care and have a great week =]

seductiverose said...

Ugh!!! I checked divine's site out b4 I watched ur vid and the pics on her page made me go WTF?!! lol. I was disgusted watching this only becuz Urban Decay is robbing ppl blind!!! I could hardly seem to get any out when I use mine daily and this is why! I knew there wasn't a straight tube cuz I'm sure we all do that swipe around with the applicator and I think that it's almost done (even though I KNOW it can't possibly be) Shout outs to you girls, awesome tuts always! Thanx!!

Lisa said...

WOW! thanks for the 411. thank god i haven't bought a bottle until these posts started surfacing on the net. that sucks so bad especially for those who have been using UDPP for a while. thanks!

also, i added your link to my site. hope you don't mind.

Trina said...

Hey Francine,
Girlllll, you got it going on! I soooo love your tutorials. YOu know what, stop, let me repeat, STOP apologizing for not being Angelina Jolie or a professional make up artist. First of all, she's not the best looking chick on this planet, and who said she is? Like please, be for real. I know some girls round my way who Angelina coudln't touch with a 10 ft pole. and her sexiness is quite overrated at times. Take all that makeup and stuff off and you got the chick up the street at the 7-Eleven. You, however, are simply gorgeous. You look like one of my best friends. And I think you're doing an amazing and productive thing for yourself. I see that you are in Ft. Bragg. My cousin was down there until they went to LeJeune which they are there now. But damn! I so wish I knew you when she was at Ft. Bragg, so woulda been over your house taking classes. I love what you're doing, it's quite amazing and for a beginner like me, in the past five minutes that I've discovered your vids, I've learned a lot. You're so pretty, have incredible eyes, and are sexy in your own right! Girl, just because someone else seems to be beautiful doesn't mean that other beautiful and sexy people can't coexist! Keep the party going okay. I hope to hear more from you, and one day whether you're on the professional scene or not, it's not where you are that makes you a pro, but what you do and what you know, and that you are! God bless!

Also, one request, when you post on the side of your videos what products you've used, can you also post the list of brushes you've used as well? Thanks hun.